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Akamai Author - Joanne Jaytanie

            Akamai Author Countdown
        (akamai- smart, clever, expert)
Joanne Jaytanie, Multi-Published                                  Author

   Joanne Jaytanie lives in Washington State with her husband and Dobermans.  Take a moment to go to amazon and check out her book covers for Chasing Victory and Payton's Pursuit (Books One and Two of the Winters Sisters) to see her own dogs on the covers!
   Joanne writes paranormal, romantic suspense, and contemporary romance. She loves writing about the twists and turns of her character's lives and the trouble they find themselves involved in, coupled with building an everlasting relationship. 
   She enjoys a wide variety of books including paranormal, suspense, thriller, and most of all romance. 
Joanne's latest release with Books To Go Now is the fourth book in The Love List Series.  Her story, titled Building Up to Love, has an average of 4.8 stars on amazon!

Join me in welcoming Joanne Jaytanie to the Akamai Author Countdown.

Elima - Joanne, in five sentences, tell us about the series The Love List:
A small town can be a friendly place to call home and an impossible place to find a date. Four women get together and form The Love List, which consists of writing the names of their male friends on slips of paper and dropping them into a basket. Each woman draws a name with the promise to invite their pick on a date.
My book, Building Up to Love, is the fourth in the series.

‘Ehā - What are four things that inspire you as a writer?  
*  I am inspired daily when I look out my office window and see the magnificent panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains.  
*  Reading greatly inspires me.
*  People watching is a huge inspiration to me. 
*  Solving puzzles. Not the kind that come from a box, but the puzzles of a real life situations. Picturing that situation in my mind, visualizing the variety of paths which could be taken and working out the multitude of solutions.  

‘Ekolu - Tell us three random facts about yourself:  
*  I love to do stained glass.
*  I have been owned by Dobermans for 32 years and 
each holds a piece of my heart.  
*  I wanted to go to school for fashion design, but 
my dad wouldn’t let me go to college in New York City.

‘Elua - And now, two of your best resources as a writer?  
*  My friend Ruth Ross.
*  On-line classes.

‘Ekahi - And finally, Joanne, what is one symbol that describes you?
A ship’s wheel – I start at one point, but you are never entirely sure which direction I will go…  

Mahalo nui loa for stopping by, Joanne. And best wishes on your continued success as a writer. I look forward to reading more of your work!  

Building Up to Love
A small town can be a friendly place to call home and an impossible 
place to find a date. A shop owner starts a singles-mingle but only has three attendees—not a single man in sight. The women continue to meet, and change their name to The Love List. Each write names of single men and drop them into a basket. The Love List seems a success as each of the women finds their true love, except Laura. She is certain the basket is cursed.

Travis Jerome is new to town. He jumps at the chance to work on Laura’s B&B remodel, to once again have the feel of a hammer in his hand.

For something to last a lifetime it must start with a strong foundation and build up from there.

My review of Building Up to Love:
Building Up to Love by Joanne Jaytanie is the last book in The Love List Series. Her book is about Laura, the last woman of the four small town women who decide to list the names of eligible bachelors and draw their names from a basket in order to ask that guy for a date. After Tegan,Chloe, and Becca are settled, Laura claims she is too busy remodeling her B & B to take time for dating. When the new guy in town actually catches Laura's eye, she has reason to ignore her feelings. Ms. Jaytanie keeps the reader guessing as we follow Laura and Travis through their maze of building a relationship. I look forward to more stories from Joanne Jaytanie. 
Elima Hoku (5 stars)

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