Monday, February 24, 2014


Distraction is one of my favorite topics.  I start nearly every day with a major goal in mind:  finish a critique, figure out my author facebook account, send a submission packet.  Yesterday, I intended to do all of the previously mentioned tasks.  And then, I heard the familiar sound of a newborn chick coming from the front yard.   Of course, I went outside to check it out.

The chick was alone with no hen in sight.  I swooped up the baby bird and headed for the hen house to warm it under a lamp in the secured area.  Hmm.  The hen house needed cleaned, eggs needed collected, waterers needed filled, and I still needed to try to locate the chick's mama.

Two hours later, I returned to my office to find that the internet was down. Sound familiar?

Today I'm back at my desk working on the same list.

The chick?  Still alive.  The mama?  Nowhere to be found.

Some distractions are just worth it.