Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Akamai Author - Linda L. Picl

Akamai Author Countdown
(akamai- smart, clever, expert)
Linda L. Picl, Romance Author
My guest today is Linda L. Picl, author of Next Time Love Comes and her latest contemporary romance Solitary Dreamer.  I had the pleasure of reading Solitary Dreamer and applaud Linda's ability to populate her story with a variety of characters that run the gauntlet from caring to despicable.    

Five sentences about Solitary Dreamer .

Solitary Dreamer is about Carrie Lawson.  She’s a young woman with a lot in her past. Carrie wants to get away from it all by eventually having a writing career. Lack of money and having to put up with a husband who’s the laughing stock of the town give her a lot to contend with.Thank goodness for guys like Logan Franks. 

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Four sentences about what inspires Linda
The story. If I get a story that sticks with me I’m hooked. I have to write it. 
And then I start again. 

Three random facts about Linda:

Master Gardener 
Two books published 
Happily married for 40 years

Two most useful resources for Linda's writing:
The people at Beau Coup Publishing are wonderful. I can always find the answers to my questions by asking them.


One symbol that best describes Linda as a writer:
Hmm…a peace symbol. 

To learn more about Linda L. Picl:
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Mahalo nui loa to Linda for joining me today for the Akamai Author Countdown!

My Review of Solitary Dreamer

Carrie Lawson deserves more than her no-good husband and two-timing mother, but she’s unsure how to move beyond her current situation until she’s shocked into reality.  Thank goodness a good friend helps her make a life-changing decision and thank goodness Carrie is strong enough to handle all that life throws at her.  When Logan Franks enters her life, she at least has hope.  And sometimes hope is all there is.    ‘Ehā Hoku (4 stars)