Monday, October 6, 2014

Akamai Author - Alison Jean Ash

Akamai Author Countdown
(akamai- smart, clever, expert)
Alison Jean Ash, Romance Author 

Welcome to Alison Jean Ash.  Alison shares that she lives, as she must,  near salt water and mountains, in Western Washington.  She has written poems, letters to newspapers, articles, essays, reviews, journals and then one day in 2001 when she was working on what was supposed to be creative non-fiction: whoops, she was writing fiction!  

Join me in our Hawaiian countdown with Alison.

Five sentences about You're So Vain:                                          
Small town banker Liz Archer is strongly attracted to lawyer Trent Callahan—except for his infuriating habit of boasting. Besides, he’s too handsome, just like her two-timing ex. Unfortunately, she needs his help. You’re So Vain launches my Oakville Romance series, set in a town where people still know their neighbors, friendships last a lifetime, and gossip is a force of nature. The next story comes out for Christmas.

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Four sentences about what inspires Alison:
Moving water always inspires me. As a late bloomer, I cherish the example of English novelist Mary Wesley, who was 72 when her first book was published. I often get story-prompts from my dreams. And finally, much as I hate to admit it, I am inspired by deadlines.

Three random facts about Alison:
My mother gave me Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre for my 13th birthday—a female rite of passage! By age 30, I’d had 35 residences in 13 cities and 7 states. As a soccer hooligan in my 60s, I once dyed my hair bright blue.

Two of Alison's best resources:
1. My critique group, Write On!
2. Natalie Goldberg’s books on the writing process – Writing Down the Bones, etc.

One symbol that describes Alison and why:
A magpie. I pick up shiny bits of story everywhere, and save them until I need them.

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Mahalo to Alison Jean Ash for visiting with me today.  

Here's my 'Ehā Hoku (4 Star) Review:
Liz Archer likes her life just fine. She's a successful banker, is respected in the community, and volunteers as a "Big Sister" to a troubled teen. She's determined to stay away from the arrogant new lawyer in town until circumstances force her to work with him. It seems people in Ms. Ash's story are not always what they seem.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes plot twists, humor, and a budding romance.  

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