Monday, October 27, 2014

Akamai Author - Jami Brumfield

Akamai (smart) Author Countdown
My guest author this week is Jami Brumfield, author of the paranormal romance, Lone Wolf Rising.  Jami's book has a 4.6/5 star rating on amazon!

Rebecca, the main character in Jami's book is as rugged as the lava in this photo.

Join me in welcoming Jami.

‘Elima (5) – Jami, in just five sentences, give us a summary of your book, Lone Wolf Rising

Lone Wolf Rising is a paranormal fantasy epic adventure with romantic tension that crosses the genre lines of supernatural, science fiction, young adult, new adult, and urban fantasy. Rebecca Winters is a witch wolf alpha that struggles with internal conflict from her alpha wolf personality, Siren and external conflict with the dangers that lurk in the paranormal world. Her first instinct is to protect her family, but that instinct only hurts them more, physically and emotionally. If you enjoy twist and turns that keep the pages flipping with a sprinkle of romance and emotional turmoil, you’ll love this book and series. If you enjoy action, fantasy and family drama check out Lone Wolf Rising.

‘Ehā (4) – What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from so many things; people in my life,
experiences I've had, and music. I love music, my best work is
produced when the music plays in the background, it occupies the overactive part of my mind so I can focus on the story, characters, and plot twist (of which there are many). I carry a notebook around with me so I can jot new ideas down. The world offers so many great inspirational muses that it’s hard to pick just one.

‘Ekolu (3) – What are three random facts about yourself?
*  In my day job I work as a hypnotherapist and life coach.
*  I’m the oldest of seven siblings.
*  My family and friends are the most amazing support system an author could ever ask for.

‘Elua (2) – What are your two most useful resources?
As a student of psychology, hypnotherapist, life coach and Reiki Master,  I’ve learned some great things about the universe and all its inhabitants. They say you should never stop learning and I try to take classes every year that help with not only enlightenment,  but my passion for the paranormal and supernatural.

‘Ekahi (1) – Name one symbol that describes you as a writer.
                                      The infinity symbol

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Mahalo nui loa to Jami for joining me this week.  

My review of Lone Wolf Rising
Jami Brumfield wrote a captivating paranormal story populated by believable teenagers.  Rebecca, the main character, is on a mission to solve the ten-year-old mystery of the death of her parents.  She believes the best way to do that is to join the supernatural world.  Rebecca finds navigating that world much more difficult than expected.  I found the story engaging even though I don't normally read paranormal.       ‘Ehā  Hoku (4 Stars)

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