Monday, November 3, 2014

Akamai Author - Crystal Miles Gauthier

Akamai Author Countdown
(akamai- smart, clever, expert)

Welcome to Crystal Miles Gauthier, author of Troianne.  Ms. Gauthier's time travel romance is rated an average of  4.4 stars on amazon!  

Join me in welcoming Crystal Miles Gauthier for the Akamai Author Countdown.

‘Elima (5) – Let’s hear a little about Troiann
One stormy night late in her pregnancy Troianne goes into labor. She called a neighbor to take her to the hospital. Her friend Mr Gilford arrived in his taxi cab. As they drive to the hospital the storm picked up in its ferocious intensity. Troianne was knocked unconscious.
When she awoke, she was no longer in a taxi cab, but a nineteenth century carriage. Screaming for help, in pain from her hard labor. The carriage door swing open to reveal a handsome man.

‘Ehā (4) – What inspires you, Crystal?
History, Romance, Love, Fantasy, Books

‘Ekolu (3) – Tell us three random facts about   yourself.
I love CocaCola as a beverage.
I eat Red Hot Candies when I write.
I need to have the TV on when I write.

‘Elua (2) – What are two of your most useful resources?
My most useful resources are my Personal Assistant, 
Deb Keenan, and my Loyal Street Team Members. 

‘Ekahi (1) – What is one symbol that best describes
you as a writer.
The symbol of worthiness.

Keep in touch with Crystal Miles Gauthier

Twitter: @cubbymom0403
Mahalo to Crystal for stopping by this week.   

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